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Melodee grew up in Los Angeles, California and is currently based in New York City and Boston. She works as a bilingual television director and reporter, emcee, and interpreter for brands and networks such as CNN International, CBS, FujiTV, NHK, NTV, P&G, NBA, NFL, US Open, Kosé, SHISEIDO and much more.

She began ballet, jazz, and tap at age 9 and is skilled in additional dance genres such as contemporary and modern dancing. Prior to working in the media industry, she was a professional ballet dancer in New York. Melodee is also a huge lover of music and has been playing the piano since age 8.

Her two YouTube channels (directed, filmed, edited, and narrated on her own) have videos that are in 10+ different languages for her worldwide viewership. She has collaborated with prestigious brands such as LEXUS, NYFW, SK-II, PANTENE, SHISEIDO, REVLON, UNIQLO, Keio Plaza Hotel, and Shibuya 109. Life as a professional dancer is what caught the attention of many people with a variety of exercise, healthy diet, beauty and skincare tips. Her informative yet relatable videos and rigorous skin care routine was featured on Buzzfeed as well.

Melodee's creativity and bi-cultural upbringing has also expanded her career as a TV director, having her own series of sharing Japanese culture with the world. She also emceed in both English and Japanese for a global event held with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe regarding tourism in Japan and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

For TV, she covers the hottest trends from NY and LA including fashion, beauty, gourmet, and events. She has interviewed international artists, fashion designers, and directors including X JAPAN's YOSHIKI, Kei Nishikori, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Haruka Ayase, Yuri Ebihara, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Pharrell Williams, Thom Browne, Parabal Gurung, Gucci Westman, and more.

Her unique qualities and ability to challenge herself to various genres has landed her various roles in Japanese dramas, commercials, international TV programs, and to work as an ambassador for major brands and cultural events worldwide. She hopes to further expand her career and grow as an international Asian American artist.

 -Special Skills- 

Bilingual TV Hosting & Directing

Bilingual Reporting & Interviewing

Emceeing in English and/or Japanese

Interpreting & Translating

Video & Content Production
( Filming & Editing )

Bilingual Narrating

Social Media Promotion and Collaborations

Professional Sports League Media Coordination

Dance-related Projects & Teaching
( Ballet/Jazz/Modern/Contemporary )



メロディー モリタはロサンゼルス育ち、ニューヨークを拠点に活動しているテレビリポーター、テレビディレクター、通訳者、MC、バレエ・ダンサー、YouTubeアーティスト。日本に住んだ事はないが、日本語を独学で学びバイリンガルである。ピアノを8歳から、ダンスは9歳からバレエ、タップ、ジャズを習い始めた。




日英両語 テレビリポーター & ディレクター業

日英両語 インタビュー&取材

日英両語 司会・進行


ソーシャルメディア コラボ・提供動画


日英両語 ナレーション

プロスポーツリーグ コーディネーター業



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