Melodee grew up in Los Angeles, California and is currently based in New York City. Although she has never lived in Japan, she speaks both English and Japanese fluently. She works as a television reporter and director, simultaneous interpreter, and bilingual MC for major US and Japanese events and media from CNN International, US Open, SK-II,  Kosé, SHISEIDO, FujiTV, NHK, and Disneyland. Prior to working in the media industry, she was a professional ballet dancer. Melodee also runs two YouTube channels on her own and has collaborated with prestigious brands such as SK-II, LEXUS, PANTENE, SHISEIDO, REVLON, Keio Plaza Hotel, and Shibuya 109. Life as a professional dancer is what caught the attention of many people – with exercise, health, nutrition, diet and skincare tips that she shared with her viewers as a dancer. Her informative yet relatable videos and rigorous skin care routine was featured on Buzzfeed as well.  Her creativity and bi-cultural upbringing has also expanded her career as a television director, having her own series of sharing Japanese culture with the world. Her recent bilingual MC-ing work was for an event with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe regarding tourism in Japan and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. For TV, she covers the hottest scoops and trends from NY and LA including fashion, beauty, gourmet, and events. She has interviewed various artists, fashion designers, and directors including  X JAPAN’s YOSHIKI, Haruka Ayase, Yuri Ebihara, Kei Nishikori, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Sebastian Masuda, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Thom Browne, Parabal Gurung, Gucci Westman, Pharrell Williams, and more.  Her unique qualities and ability to challenge herself to various genres has landed her roles in Japanese dramas, commercials, infomercials, international TV programs, and to work as an ambassador for major brands and cultural events worldwide.

Both of her YouTube channels, “Melodee Morita” and “Melodee’s New York Life” are created entirely by herself (from scripting, filming, editing, directing, translations, & voiceovers in both languages). There is something for every person to watch because she covers all kinds of topics such as beauty and skincare, diet and exercise, dance, cooking, language, and travel vlogs. Though she only has about 40 videos on her main channel, she has over 300,000 Subscribers from all around the world combined. Melodee values an honest and close relationship with her followers, so she selectively works with companies that she truly believes will suit her style and audience. Melodee’s interview skills, cheerful personality, and smooth transition from English to Japanese add a special quality to her works. Her most viewed video on YouTube is “How to Be Flexible & Get Splits Quickly,” which has garnered over 2 millions views. The knowledge she has gained through her professional dance training makes her videos exceptional, inspiring people of all ages to live a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Melodee began learning piano at 8 years old and began dancing at age 9 with ballet, tap, and jazz. She became a professional dancer at the early age of 17 and performed principle roles such as Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker, Princess Medora from Le Corsaire, and Kitri from Don Quixote. Due to her schedule with TV and social media, she currently does not dance full-time. However, she teaches young children on occasional days off. Life as a professional dancer and its demands made her aware of health and nutrition, and Melodee’s diet and skincare tips are based on Japanese principles. She discovered the possibilities of introducing them and her love for Japanese culture to her viewers all around the world. Her concept truly is a lifestyle one and the videos also feature segments that look at how to incorporate her tips into everyday life. She hopes to further expand her career and grow as an international Asian American artist.

メロディー・モリタはロサンゼルス育ち、ニューヨークを拠点に活動しているテレビリポーター、テレビディレクター、同時通訳者、MC、バレエ・ダンサー、YouTubeアーティスト。日本に住んだ事はないが、日本語を独学で学びバイリンガルである。ピアノを8歳から、ダンスは9歳からバレエ、タップ、ジャズを習い始めた。17歳でニューヨークのバレエ団に入団。その数年後、テレビ局に勤める兄の勧めで20歳でテレビリポーターとして米国デビュー。ニューヨークとロサンゼルスの最新トレンドを発信するコーナー「トレンディlicious」(米国放送)をはじめ、インタビュー、イベント、インフォマーシャルなどに出演している。2013年からは毎年テニス全米オープンの取材で錦織選手、ジョコビッチ選手、フェデラー選手、ナダル選手、マレー選手などへのインタビューを担当。ニューヨーク・ファッションウィークでプラバル・グルンやトム・ブラウン、FNOでは歌手のファレル・ウィリアムズなどへのインタビュー。又、ニューヨークでコンサートを行ったきゃりーぱみゅぱみゅなどの日本人アーティスト達にも数々のインタビューを行った。セントラルパークで毎年行われる「ジャパンデイ」では「さくら大使」を任命され、NY総領事の高橋総領事、日本から来たAKB48達と共にステージを盛り上げ、日本の文化を6万人に紹介した。テレビディレクターとしては21歳で活動がスタート。日本のお弁当カルチャーを世界の人に知ってもらうため、英語と日本語で「Kawaii Bento」と言うコーナーを始める。出演から演出、編集まで全てを担当。その他にCM、ショートフィルム、日本のテレビ番組やスペシャルドラマにも出演。最近では日英両語でMC、同時通訳者としても活動している。アメリカでの活動が主だが、仕事で年に3〜5回ほど訪日、又アジア(シンガポール、北京、上海、韓国を訪問)での活動も広げている。個人のYouTubeチャンネルは撮影、編集、翻訳、ナレーションなど全て一人で行っているため、40本ほどしか動画がアップされていないが、2つのチャンネル登録者数は30万人を越える。健康、ダイエット、美容、ダンス、クッキング、語学、旅行など、様々なジャンルの動画をで配信しており、動画の評価が高く世界中からコメントが寄せられている。得にプロのバレエトレーニングで学んだエクササイズやストレッチ動画が人気。今後もアメリカとアジアに留まらず、多方面で活動できるアーティストを目指している。

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